Dreamcast CD-ROM-Port
Addr: 0xa2000000

A1  3,5V                        B1  3,5V
A2  3,5V                        B2  GND
A3  5V                          B3  5V
A4  D7                          B4   D6
A5  A0                          B5   A1
A6  D5                          B6   D4
A7  A2                          B7   A3
A8  GND                         B8
A9  D3                          B9   D2
A10 A4                          B10  A5
A11 D1                          B11  D0
A12 A6                          B12  A7
A13                             B13
A14                             B14  /WR
A15 /RD                         B15
A16                             B16
A17 5V                          B17
A18 GND                         B18
A19                             B19
A20                             B20
A21                             B21
A22                             B22
A23                             B23
A24 GND                         B24
A25 12V                         B25

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